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Huge, white-speckled green foliage, and large white spathes in summer. A real eyecatcher in our garden! Only a few for sale though.

NEW 2.00m £12.00

ZANTEDESCHIA aethiopica 'Crowborough'

Pure white Arum Lily flowers from May, lovely arrow-shaped glossy leaves. Good marginal plant or in water up to 30cm! Rich deep soil.

AGM 90cm £5.00

ZANTEDESCHIA aethiopica 'Crowborough'
ZANTEDESCHIA aethiopica 'Glencoe'

ZANTEDESCHIA aethiopica 'Glencoe'

Very robust, floriferous variety! Long, pointed arrow-shaped leaves, and big white trumpets late spring and summer. Moist soil in sun.

NEW 1.00m £6.50


Spikes of starry green-white flowers marked with sulphur yellow, July-August. Grassy grey-green foliage. Sun. Classy!

50cm £5.00

ZINGIBER mioga 'Crug's Zing'

ZINGIBER mioga 'Crug's Zing'

This exotic woodlander is a pale pink form of the edible ginger plant. Luscious glossy foliage, then small orchid-like flowers at ground level in autumn. Good soil in part shade.

NEW 60cm £10.00

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