CYNARA cardunculus Chelsea Physic Garden Form

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CYNARA cardunculus Chelsea Physic Garden Form

Grey-green, fingered, spiky foliage. Upright stems bear small purple thistle flowers, more decorative than edible! Full sun.

1.00m £6.50

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Purple Attracts Insects Gravel Summer Flowering Good Foliage Middle of Border Cottage Seaside Mediterranean Sun

A Selection of Similar Plants

CYNARA cardunculus

CYNARA cardunculus

Cardoon. Forms an epic, architectural mound of silver-grey foliage up to 1 metre long. Large, purple, thistle-like flowerheads tower above in late summer and autumn. Loves the sun.

AGM 2.50m £5.00

CYNARA scolymus 'Gros Camus de Bretagne'

Large silvery leaves, long stems carry edible buds in summer, then big purple thistle flowers which dry well. Good soil in sun.

1.00m £6.00

CYNARA scolymus 'Gros Camus de Bretagne'

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