SOLIDAGO 'Dennis Strange'

SOLIDAGO 'Dennis Strange'

Named by John Williams as a tribute to his late friend Dennis, a long-time member of Warks Plant Heritage, this appeared in John's garden, has a majestic habit, with open panicles of golden-yellow flowers on arching, thick dark stems.

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A Selection of Similar Plants

SOLIDAGO rugosa 'Loysder Crown'

SOLIDAGO rugosa 'Loysder Crown'

Always wows visitors to our garden! Lime in bud, large arching sprays of sherbert-lemon flowers. Drought-resistant too!

1.20m £6.50

SOLIDAGO rugosa 'Fireworks'

Ornamental dark foliage in spring, late sprays of golden yellow flowers. Full sun.

AGM 90cm £5.00

SOLIDAGO rugosa 'Fireworks'
SOLIDAGO 'Foxbrook Gold'

SOLIDAGO 'Foxbrook Gold'

Another selection from John Williams. These three Solidagos should be called 'The Foxbrook Series'! Floriferous, upright and free-standing. Exuberent, like John, and looks good every year with no effort! Full sun.

1.30m £5.00

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