Unique Gardens

Your garden is unique. Sun, shade and soil all conspire to make our garden spaces quite different. Every plant will thrive, given the right conditions. Taking a few moments to think about what and where you are going to plant, be it a tub, a border or a whole garden, can make all the difference.

Expert Gardeners

For the expert gardener, our catalogue is simply laid out. The search facility will enable you to hone in on the variety you want quickly and easily.

Online Catalogue


Are you looking for inspiration? Use the links below for plant selections reflecting a particular style or feature.

We think this new website feature is a great way to help you discover new plants that will flourish in your garden!

Here to Help

We are always available to give advice and suggestions, so please ask when you next visit us at the nursery.

If you are going to visit for a specific plant please contact us in advance to make sure we have what you want available.

The Mediterranean Garden

A style to evoke memories of holidays in the sun – lots of terracotta pots and paths, easy-care sun-loving hardy plants in well-drained soil. Focal points of dramatic colour and foliage, Raised beds with softer, fragrant planting.

The Cottage Garden

An informal, romantic style. Plants are packed together, with lush, contrasting textures and colours, from soft and gentle to hot and fiery. Anything goes!

The Seaside Garden

To recreate a coastal garden in the heart of the West Midlands, think gravel, sparse planting, and focus points of found objects while beachcombing – driftwood, weathered wooden posts etc. Emphasis on silver or glaucous foliage, sea hollies, achillea, artemisia.

The Prairie Garden

A garden of height, transparency and texture – tall plants among short. Walk through a summer meadow of ornamental grasses, asters and perennial sunflowers. They provide structure and drama through the cold winter months, touched by frost in the morning sun.

The Woodland Garden

A naturalistic informal planting, quiet and gentle, mostly spring-flowering and low-growing. From groundcover to hidden treasures to brighten up a shady corner.

Back Border Plants

These are self-supporting tall plants, topped with flowers. They can be used for screening or hiding unsightly features. Choose plants of differing heights to vary the gradient of the border.

Front Border Plants

Down to the fine detail – choose plants which are long flowering, or need to be seen up close to fully appreciate.

Plants for Shade

These will only tolerate sun for up to a third of the day. They’ll appreciate a cool damp environment, and the best plants will have interesting foliage, as most shade-lovers will flower in spring.

Plants for Sun

The majority of perennials and grasses need sun for most of the day! There are plenty to choose from here.

The Low Maintenance Garden

Some plants need love and attention. Others look after themselves. Choosing low maintenance plants for your garden will reduce the amount of work needed to keep things looking their best.

Attracting Insects

These are usually sun-loving plants, which will provide food for butterflies, pollen for bees. Encourage natural predators such as ladybirds and hoverflies, who keep the numbers down of less welcome visitors to the garden.